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New Review: SE.5a Stretchers

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These are Eduard's brass photoetch cable anchors for their new SE.5a kits. Eduard refers to them as stretchers, but they are simple anchors without any kind of turnbuckle or way to tighten cables. The package includes both single and double anchor points for the double wires on the SE.5a. Eduard supplies way more pieces than are actually required for the aircraft to make up for all of those that will be lost. The anchor point holes on the wings will need to be drilled out deeper for the length of the anchor, which will then fit neatly. The stretchers for 1/48 scale are extremely small.

The holes on the structures are much smaller than my smallest drill bit, a #80. The holes in the stretchers were too small for E Z Line, invisible thread, or 2 lb. fishing line. The only thing I found that would fit the holes is 40 gauge wire, which was difficult to install it as it is not elastic and is hard to get tight. Eduard suggested using thread from women's stockings, but this was way too small, almost invisible, and very crinkly.

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