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New Review: 60/54cm Morser Karl w/Munitionspanzer IV Limited Edition

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The Karl "Gerat" (device) was a huge self-propelled siege mortar.  The 60cm shells weighed around 5000 pounds and contained several hundred pounds of explosives.  Hasegawa says that the Karl made a "significant impact" wherever it was used.  The problems with Karl were that it wasn't very mobile, and it required special ammunition.  When a Karl was in use, it had to be in a special firing position, which should be level and support the chassis.

This is Hasegawa's release of their Karl Mortar in 1/72.  It includes the "Munitionschlepper" Panzer IV.  This kit has been released before, with the Munitionschlepper or with the railway transport add-on.  What makes this kit desirable is that you get more options for the basic Karl mortar.

The two big options are:

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