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First of all, we are excited to announce our new Cleveland Tank Plant book. This book looks at the Cleveland Bomber/Tank plant, home of the XP-75A Eagle fighter, M41 Walker Bulldog tank, M42 Duster gun motor carriage, M56 Scorpion Self-propelled antitank gun, M114 reconnaissance vehicle, M551 Sheridan, and M108 & M109 self-propelled howitzer. The history of this facility and its products is chronicled through over 200 vintage photos, virtually none of which had previously been published.



Also, on 9 June 2017 an agreement was executed whereby David Doyle, author of many of Ampersand’s non-modeling titles, would acquire this website as well as the remaining inventory of Ampersand Publishing Company. Ampersand founder Pat Stansell along with David and Denise Doyle have entered into this arrangement in order to provide a mechanism which will allow many of these quality products to remain available. Although the existing inventory of Visual History, Allied-Axis and MMiR was included in the purchase, the arrangement does not include future publishing rights for Military Miniatures in Review.


The Ampersand Publishing website will remain operational, and indeed many previously out of print publications are once again available. Moving ahead, orders for these publications will be shipped from Tennessee, rather than Florida.



Both the DavidDoyleBooks.com domain and the ampersandpubco.com domain remain operational. However, it will take a while to fully integrate the products and policies.



For example – back issues of Allied-Axis and MMiR are on the Ampersand site, but not on the DavidDoyleBooks.com website. Conversely, books I’ve written for several other publishers (including some exciting new titles) are on the DavidDoyleBooks.com website, but not the Ampersand site.



So, to get the selection of titles you want, placing two separate orders is the best way to go. This will result in the systems charging you double shipping. I recognize this, but for the time being, the best I can do is to refund you the shipping overcharge within 24 hours (usually MUCH less than that). Similarly, we’re also applying our DavidDoyleBooks.com policy of free US shipping on orders of three or more items to Ampersand orders as well. BUT….I’ve not figured out exactly how to do that – so in the interim, once again, customers will be overcharged – but again, I’ll gladly refund the overcharge within 24 hours.



I hope that everyone will understand I am a better military vehicle author than webmaster, and will be patient as Denise and I work through this.


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