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1/48th Wake Island Defender and Avenger


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Greetings All

These are the beginning models of my 1/48th scale VMA 211 project.

Started with the Harrier and got hooked on the squadron. Then built the Wildcat and will now look to the future with a Corsair,Skyhawk and lastly a F-35B.
Hasagawa Harrier with Two Bobs markings for "Wake Island Avengers".
Difficult kit with a ton of seams to fill.
Gunze Paints
Decals were great and used a lot of Eduard Photo-Etch on this kit
Wildcat was Hobby Boss
Painted with Gunze and used Yellow Wing decals for "Wake Island Wildcats"
Only weathered with a few panel washes and Pastel dusts as aircraft was painted in November on way to Wake Island
Used Ez Line and Karaya metal 50cal barrels as aftermarket add-ons and added a Photo-etched seat and Engine wiring
Thanks for Looking
Comments Always Welcome :D :D
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Those are both top notch looking builds Bill! I wouldn't guess you had seam problems on the Harrier from the result, and I like the uncommon camo demarcation line on the Wildcat cowl. You're well o your way to a great collection of Marine birds!


GIL :smiley16:

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This particular Harrier aparanty participated in Middle East conflict. Might also fit in your Middle East war SIG.



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I have always been a huge fan of the Wildcat. When talking about holding the line with what little we had early on this bird proved to be more than a match in the pacific. I read a great book called Fighter Squadron At Guadalcanal by Brand Max many years ago and have admired this plane ever since.


Nice job on the birds.

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