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The Duke's First Model Resolution Done!

Mark Deliduka

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Finally after fighting this thing for nearly a year; I can now declare this model done.

This is Academy's 1/72 scale Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser civilian airliner done in Pan American Airlines markings. This bird is the Pan Am 'Clipper Nightingale'. I chose these markings because they looked better than the alternative and not because of ease of application! Quite the opposite in fact. Here it is all complete:

Terminal-eye view:


Slightly higher angle from then rear:


Different angle again (I wanted to shoot from higher up but missed):


Final upper view:


This shot has an Exacto knife in it for size reference to show what a 'horse' this thing is!


Okay, now I feel much better having finished at least one of these. Hopefully more of them will get done soon. It isn't perfect; in fact the decals really suck wind and I had a real tough time with them. I also had to somehow add weight to the nose some more since for some reason this was quite the tail sitter.

I'll show those details about this build when I next post in the Maddog Manufacturing Thread after next weekend. For now, just check the final model out at your leisure.

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Bravo, Mark!


I have one of these started but back in the box for now. You have obviously plodded through all the problems in the minefield. I am attempting to adapt the Cobra Company resin set, and that's where I paused. This kit was an evolution of the original B-29A kit, which morphed into the B-50D kit, then morphed again into the C/KC-97 kit, and finally into the B-377 Stratocruiser, all thanks to the multiple uses of common parts between kits.


For another project, I am doing this same scheme for PAA in 1/144 with the Minicraft kit. The markings for mine are for N1024V. This one I am taking through to completion and will post some photos when I'm done.


For all your time and effort, you have a really nice model to show for it.



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That is GORGEOUS! I wouldn't have guessed the scheme gave you a bit of trouble from that result Duke! Congrats on a great looking build.


Now if I could find that in 1/48.......


GIL :smiley16:

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Nice job sir.


I remember seeing these at Midway Airport as a wee tyke.


You overcame your troubles with this kit magnificently.





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Ed thanks! It was indeed quite a plod through a minefield. At times I felt as if I was taking two steps backward for every one step forward. I'll be looking forward to seeing yours when it moves forward.


Thanks Gil! It' s not quite a Hodges Masterpiece but I'm very happy with the final results. The decals indeed were a problem what with them breaking whenever you looked at them. I also couldn't get them to lay flat. There's still some areas where tiny wrinkles can be seen if looked at close enough; not to mention some minor silvering in some areas that I could not for the life of me alleviate. I don't envy you one of those in 1/48 scale; that was almost too big for me in 1/72! It is fantastic that it is now on my shelf finally.


Thanks Bill! Glad to have brought back memories. This is another reason why I love this hobby. Thank you again for the great compliment.

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