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Riesen Panzer IV


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The Riesen Panzer IV is an original design resin garage kit produced by NZ Industrial from Japan. The web site is all in Japanese but what I have been able to translate is during WWII is the Germans set up a base on Mars. There they discovered some previous civilization's culture and technology. The engineers built armored walking suits based on this technology. After that I couldn't make much sense out of the machine translation. Cool looking stuff though. It was weathered with oils, enamels, and pigments. Groundwork is a piece of carved pink with debris cobbled together from foam bricks and misc items from the spares box. Snow is Woodland Scenics Snow mixed with clear gel. The figure was pieced together from a couple different figures. Painted with Vallejo.




Additional images can be found here : Riesen Panzer IV

Thanks for looking.


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This is really cool looking. It reminds me of a 50's B-Movie robot.


Nice execution all around. It fits the part of the story you were able to figure out.


Great job!



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WOW, looks great! Cool use of parts for the Mech, and the soldier out front gives it nice scale.

The snowy ground work is also very well done.

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