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What Do You Guys Think Of This Airbrush Paint ?

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Hi Guys (Still A Newbie) :smiley14:

As a newcomer to plastic modeling.

There's such an array of airbrush paint companies!


I looking at ACRYLIC paints only here.


I came across this paint Faskolor acrylic paint.

Would like to know what you guys think about me purchasing them ?

I still haven't used my single action airbrush YET!


Waiting to set-up a spray booth.

I await your thoughts and suggestions.





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Why not simply pick one basic easily obtainable dedicated hobby paint with an established reputation and stick with it? It could be Testors, Humbol, Vallejo or Alclad. Use that brand's gloss and flat coats. Don't mix brands. Get some familiarity with it on several projects. By your own admission, you are new to all this. You need to crawl before you walk and run. There is a lot to be said for crawling. Nick Filippone

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Thank you guys.

I will definitely take what you suggested.


a.k.a. schooner

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Ray, just a quick question. Why are you not looking at enamel paints? I have probably over 150 bottles of Testors Model Master paints. They offer a complete range of colors for specific uses and general colors. I like enamel paints because I feel that they stick to the surfaces well. Also, I had bad experiences with some of the early acrylics causing fish-eye effects when the plastic still had a little bit of release on it.


I use lacquer thinner to thin most of these colors. It does a great job of thinning and helps the paint stick even more. For most of the colors, I thin them about 50% in the spray cup. I use a small paint brush to mix the paint and the thinner and then I wipe the brush on some newsprint paper. If the mixture is too thick, or too thin, you can usually tell on how the paint stripe looks.


Testors also has a line of Metalizers that are listed for airbrush only. I always spray these out of the bottle without a problem.


Note, I have Pace Enterprise paint booth that keeps the basement from getting full of fumes.

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