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Got a slightly OT question for y'all. Although, ... it is naval related.

For the past few months, I've been playing WAR THUNDER via STEAM ... and, it's a really fun game. Then, in late November, I learned that WAR THUNDER was going to be adding a naval component to its air and ground components, specifically coastal forces (US, Britain, Germany and Russia). BUT - In order to be allowed to play in that component, you NEED to own a boat.

My brother was kind enough to buy John F. Kennedy's PT-109 for $44.95 for my birthday (this month). All fine and good. That naval component of WAR THUNDER isn't active yet. And - I haven't seen the boat in my inventory (but, I figured that once it became active - it'd show up) ... and kept playing the air war component of the game for about a month.

Then, three days ago, I went to sign in to play and got a message saying my account was frozen. I then clicked on the link to ask them a question about the message and waited the 24-hour limit for them to reply. They did.

The longer explanation was that my account was because of that purchase - which they deemed to be a fraud because there has been a request for a charge back on it. The thing is; neither my brother nor I have requested a refund. I tried to sign in to reply to the ticket. It didn't accept my user name or password. So, I reset my password and attempted to sign-in and, again - wouldn't accept it - or the captcha ... two more times - I changed my password and still it failed. I gave up.

Have any of you had this issue? And, how can I contact Gajin WITHOUT needing to sign in? I'm angry.


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