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1999 Nationals Time Capsule


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I've been slowly pulling boxes from storage and closets to inventory what I have...no idea how close I am to being finished. I had a hobby shop back in the 80's and after closing the storefront went to shows and sold on the internet before it was the cool thing to do. Anyone remember Compuserve? :)


Anyhoo...came across three of these from the 1999 Nats. I didn't go as that wasn't too long after chemo and related to that, have no idea how I ended up with them. I "think" maybe off eBay, but maybe from the hosting club.


With the Glencoe release, the Mars Liner is a bit of a yawner, but there are the special show decals for it.


Any idea what these might be worth? I'm trying to figure out how badly I'm under-insured with all my hobby crap... :)





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