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695 Now Done... Five More To Go

Mark Deliduka

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Well, despite my setbacks, I have slowly been able to move forward. I now have a total of 695 completed small scale vehicles. Here are the last five completed to date.

I'll start with two models I finished some time ago but forget to post when they were done. This first one is the 1/72 scale Roden Ludwig Areo bus done up as a Luftwaffe officer's transport bus:



I finally got the civilian version of this bus that I'll try to start once I recover from my surgery.

Next is the 1/72 scale Roden Vomag 7 bus that I did in the green scheme that is offered as one of the options:



Now moving on to my most recent vehicles, here is my 1/72 scale Revell of Germany TPz 1 Fuchs wheeled APC:



Next up is my 1/72 scale Revell of Germany GTF Boxer APC:



And finally, my 1/72 scale Revell of Germany GTF Boxer Command vehicle:



And there they are. Now all I have to do is finish another five and I'll finally achieve my next milestone. I do hope I can do it soon.

That's all for now. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Wow! Almost to 700.....THAT is quite an achievement! The vehicles look good, but what is the difference between the "command" boxer and the APC boxer? Being an airplane guy, I'm in the dark!


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks for the great compliment Gil. I can't wait to get to 700.


The difference in the two that can be seen the most is that the Command Boxer has a small raised section on the back which I believe is there to provide some headroom while consulting maps and such. It ain't that big though so it could be for something else too. The APC version has a flat roof; after all, it is only for transporting seated troops to the battlefield area before disembarking them out the back. There are a couple more sensors and antennae on the Command Boxer as well so that the commander can communicate with more elements during a battle.


Thanks again for looking in and commenting. It is most appreciated.

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