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I have an idea for a project (a 1:72 MIAMI SHIPBUILDING TYPE 293 - the PTC variant of their 63-foot ASRC, built for the USSR)... I got the fiberglass 1:72 hull from a nice man from Gibraltar, but that's all he supplies. The cockpit/charthouse/turret tubs area all need to be scratchbuilt.

I know I can get the 1:72 20mm, the 1:72 depth charges and the 1:72 ready service lockers from SHAPEWAYS and I THINK I've seen vendors there who have the MARK 17 mountings for the twin 50s in PTs' turrets and I'm hoping they'd do them in 1:72 ...

I need to get drawings of the cockpit area ... and I need to find out if the two variants had the same cockpit/charthouse and turret tubs - or were there slight differences? Can anyone help me find that out, please? I'm drawing a blank in GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING.

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