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T-14 and Winter Camo

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I am creating an eventual diorama called "The Long Siberian Winter - 2022" It will have the T-14 in the pics and a T-15 Armata IFV. I have created an original camo for the models, and opinions/suggestions are welcome. The issue I have is whether or not the camo design I created looks "plausible". I have been toying with adding darker "highlights" to the pattern, or even a sort of dark spot pattern. Whatever it is, I will need to recreate it for the T-15.







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Oh, WOW! That is freakin' awesome!! :army7:


I'm going to do an Arctic modification of the three-color desert pattern included in the Trumpy BMP-T Terminator for my Panda 2S6M Tunguska kit I'm working on. It's going to be white, gray and black.


Have you done anything with the tracks yet? I've never done a snowy vehicle before. What about any washes? I see some really nice paint chipping! I'm thinking about getting some of that Tamiya gray panel accent color. I'm thinking black would be too stark and brown would look out of place.


Again, great job!!

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Sorry, it's been so long! I just went with some straight track weathering, since it's not yet on a dio. Here is a pic of both the T-14 and T-15 models, after "weathering", and ready for our contest this weekend...



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