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Request: Pictures from the 2016 Nationals?

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I am looking to update the pictures in the slideshow on http://www.ipmsusa.org with some from the 2016 Nationals. Pictures of the various category winners would be the most useful.

There are some criteria for the images I need.

  • They must be at least 1200 pixels wide. Wider if they need to be cropped.
  • They need to work in a landscape mode, i.e. wider than taller, or be able to be cropped into that mode. This image is a good example of that >> https://ipmsusa.org/sites/default/files/img_4941_crop.jpg
  • Pictures should be as uncompressed as possible. I would prefer RAW or PNG, but can use sufficiently large JPGs. Larger file sizes are better... 500 to 600 KB at least.
  • Images with as little background clutter as possible would be ideal. Images with out of focus backgrounds are preferred.
  • Top down images generally don't work...

So enterprise.jpg versus mck_021515_171.jpg


I will add a photo credit to any images submitted.

If you have any pictures which you think can work, please email them along with any information you have about the model, to webmaster@ipmsusa.org


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