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Question about Soviet G-5s


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Hi All,


Firstly, I went to Stan's today,he spray-painted the 191's hull, painted the 40mm Bofors, the torpedoes'warheads and the free-swinging .30-caliber machune gun "stinger" ...


Secondly - I found a modeler from East Providence, RI who has agreed to build my Revell 1:144 HMCS SNOWBERRY as USS SAUCY, PG-63 and my Merit 1:35 Soviet Navy WW2 G-5 MTB. He's picking up both kits on Sunday.


Thirdly, in regard to the G-5, did they have darker colored decks ... and were their bottoms painted black, an anti-fouling red or a green and did they have a white waterline?


Fourthly, and not that anyone really cares, but today,I was told that I was/am holding a 93 in my current class in my online MASTERS program at SNHU. I've been really surprising myself in the program by holding an overall GPA of 3.97. My final GPA in 1983 at CCSU was a 2.75 ... my end date is June 2017.





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