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The Terror Bird

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Been a while since I did a prehistoric subject. First off was to clean the tiny seam lines. There was a place on its back that looked like it could benefit from some Aves. Primed and base coated I left it to dry, and turned my attention to the base.

I didn't like the moulded in grass so I dremeled it off, and painted the base. I added weeds from the yard and glued them into the little craters I made.

Back to the bird, its based on an image I saw on the Net. After some washes, pigments and highlighting, I screwed him to the base. I also added a little bit of green wash to the weeds - things were looking too brown.

Thanks for looking.



















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Nicely painted! However, do they consider it to have been covered in fair, or heathers? :smiley2: Looks like a combination of both!


GIL :smiley16:


Thanks. I didn't do extensive reading on it but it had feathers. It didn't fly (wings are tiny) so I think it would have had feathers like modern day ostriches and/or emus.

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