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New Review: MiniArt GAZ-03-30 Ambulance


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MiniArt is certainly getting a lot of mileage of the molds for the GAZ-03 bus. I think this is the 4th boxing of it, this time as an ambulance (previous ones were passenger bus and a military transport).

When opening the box you find a total of 39 sprues, for a total of 280 plastic parts, plus 26 clear parts and 8 photo-etched parts. Keeping track of all those sprues and pieces will make the assembly of this kit a bit of a challenge.

The instructions come in a glossy paper booklet, with very clean and clear drawings.

I have built other MiniArt models previously and I can tell you, the instructions are superb. There are a total of 49 steps, but some have sub-assemblies, so clearly this is an in depth build, not a weekender.

Construction starts with a very detailed engine (which you want to show) and then it moves to a similarly detailed chassis and transmission. The wheels are of the “slice†kind, with 7 parts per tire. While it sound overly engineered actually those are easy to assemble and provide great surface and thread detail.

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