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Photos from Nationals


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All the models, and the category 'best of' winners can be found here: www.pelikanclub.org



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Best in show was:


Popular- The Korean War Collection

Judges- Diorama Victory and Contempt




Chapter of the Year- Sonoran Scale Modelers

Webmaster- John Ratzenburger

RC- Dave Koukol

Newsletter- the home club won I believe but I missed the name



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I've been going back through my old Journals and Updates for personal reasons to document those. I haven't dug all of them out yet but I have found two so far.


"Welcome Back MIA" won in NYC in 1981 and "Stroke of Fate" won in 1996. A couple of others might have been placed in dioramas by today's rules (the USS Vogelgesang, for example) but were in their respective categories when they won.

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