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A virtual IPMS convention


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Welp, the IPMS Nats begins this week, and quite a few of us aren’t going. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the weekend.

A week ago I offered an alternative for those of us who can’t be at the convention in person, so I’ll extend the idea here and see if we can’t drum up some interest. I’m calling it a “virtual convention,” and it involves simply dedicating one or two full days to the hobby as compensation for not going.

Read the article here.

If you’re interesting in joining us in this experiment, share your story here or send me pictures of your WIPs, your visit to your LHS, or your meetup with friends. I’ll follow-up with an article that will make at least one or two Nats attendees jealous.

So...who's in?

And as I state in a disclaimer in my article, this is NOT a suggestion that you not the Nats. There are many compelling reasons to attend in person, as well as to enter the contest. If you can go, you should go.

Steven Brown


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I'm in, I will share with you my model entries for the virtual nationals!

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Steve, I can copy my latest Maddog Manufacturing post to here as a way to show my participation in this virtual Nationals. I did do most of that work while it was starting after all. I can also copy my post in the Armor Forums showing my three latest small scale vehicles completed on the first day of the Columbia Nationals. Those are under the "690 Now Done..." Thread.


Let me know if you want me to do that here.

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Mark, sure, feel free to share your projects here, even if it's a link to another thread or article. (Saves you thing time of copying and pasting.)


Pedro, I got your email and will include your photos over the weekend.


Pete, happy to include your photos or stories as well.


Thanks to all!

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Ok, these are my projects for the week end. This is a 53 Chevy panel that I have been working on for a while. I chopped the top and created a Red Bull promotion paint scheme for it. I need to add a couple of more coats of clear and then sand it down and polish it and add the bright work. The Mexican blanket seat can also be seen. I need to age the leather a bit and flat coat is. The chassis is a ways off yet, but this weekend should get it well on the way.



This is my second project. I have been working on it for several years. I have striped and painted it at least 5 times because I messed up either the paint or decals. My latest fiasco with this was to grab the airbrush to spray it with clean and failed to notice that I had a bottle of lacquer thinner on it instead of clear lacquer. After some careful repairs, it is ready for clear again. This kit is cursed, cursed I say! If I have to take it to the striping tank one more time I am going to call in a priest to perform and exorcism. I am so ready to be done with this kit. You have no idea. Hopefully this weekend will get me there!



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I'd rather just see good quality convention photos....

Convention pictures, okay, Perhaps one like this?



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Okay, here's my activity during this "Virtual Convention" that I did these past four days or so.



Let's start with my aircraft....

This is the B-377 all primed up. I also sanded this a bit with some 8000-grit sanding pads but there's still a few rough spots on the wings I need to re-spray and sand again:


Moving on, I also added the AA missile rails to my Crusader and masked the canopy off for painting:


Later on I shot some flat white on the bottom of this:


I know it's a bit hard to see the difference here, but it will show more when I mask this off and shoot the upper grey color.

Moving right along; I had already shot the white on select parts of the Fokker DVII so I masked them off and shot the red on the front of this plane:


Later on, after the red had sufficiently dried, I masked off the red and shot the blue over this:


This plane is almost ready for decals now, just like the SE-5A. It won't be long now.

That's all I have so far to show on my aircraft. Now for some of the work on my armor and vehicles.

I'll start with the Ludwig Areo bus. I had already shot some dark grey over it as a basecoat. Now I shot some lighter grey over select areas to modulate the color. This bus is almost done:


Next up, I decided to get the lower hull and running gear of my T-90 MS done. I had already added the wheels to the suspension arms and painted and weathered them. Now I added the tracks. I chose to use some of the link and length tracks given to me by my friend Dave O'Barr. Because the top run would be hidden by skirts, I only did the lower part of the tracks:



Here's a shot of the lower hull and upper hull together to see how it looks:


Then I looked at the instructions and realized that I hadn't added the rear fuel tanks, so I got them installed straightaway:


I also completed adding the fiddly bits on the turret that I knew would fall off if I'd installed them earlier. All that's left here is touch up painting and additional weathering:


The next pics you see of this tank will be in the completed Armor Forums with the T-64BV tank. Shouldn't be long now.

Finally, since my Ludwig Areo bus is so close to being done, I was determined to get the Vomag bus closer to being done as well. Here are the results....

I started out shooting the white on the top and the stripe on the sides of the bus:


After the white was dry, I applied the first masking to this, making sure to cover the white stripe on the sides:


Once that was on, I shot the first part of the green color that I wanted on this bus:


After some more drying time, I pulled the lower masking off and added masking to the upper part; again covering the white stripe:


Finally, I shot the final set of green on the lower part of the bus:



After allowing some time to dry, I pulled all the masking off to see how this looks. Despite a couple areas needing some slight touch-up; I was quite pleased with the final result. It was actually better than I expected:



Now all that's needed is to paint the fenders black; gloss the whole thing, apply decals and complete it. I'm really getting pretty excited about this bus!


While working on the above, I also managed to finish these three models.



First up is my S Model 1/72 scale Russian BRDM with Konkurs ATGM. It was a simple little kit that I wanted to build to compare to the ACE model I'd done several years before. I liked building the ACE model better. Anyway, here it is all completed:


Next up are two Modelcollect models that I completed. This first one was the toughest one I've ever had to do, mostly because of the photo-etch pieces holding up the side armor; as well as the three-tone camouflage pattern over all that surface detail. I'm thrilled to have finally finished this up. This is the Modelcollect 1/72 scale T-64BV tank:


Finally, there is the Modelcollect 1/72 scale T-90MS I built alongside the T-64BV. This was a fast and easy build compared to the T-64, despite the metal lower hull. Gator Grip Glue from Kenny did a magnificent job of gluing the plastic parts to the metal hull with great strength. This one makes my count 690 completed small scale vehicles:


This was a fun way for me to participate in this "Virtual Convention" on her while everyone else got to enjoy the real one. Thanks for suggesting this. Feel free to copy or link this to your blog too.


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Well, I spent a lot of time in the chair sanding and fixing stuff. In the end there isn't anything worth showing, but I did get a lot done. Kind of sad to see that there were only two of us who participated and a few who didn't get the idea. Still, it was productive. Actually I am the polar opposite of Duke. He builds a lot very quickly and I build very little but take a lot of time to do it. Not a derogatory comment in any way, just the difference between two modelers. Any way, perhaps this will take off next year.

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Thanks for this great idea Steve. As we talked about, I got a lot of quality time in, mostly on my Whippet tracks, and priming the Whippet. Armour modellers know that a set of tracks can take a whole day/session so I am glad that I had the time put aside. I also got quite a bit done on my IS-2 now that I have the replacement part from Tamiya.


Let's make the Saturday of the Nationals each year, National Modelling Day.



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What a great Blog Steve! I like it. I do need to suggest a small correction: The bus you showed was the Vomag 7, not the Ludwig. The Ludwig was the grey bus. Feel free to add more of my pics to that if you like.


Thanks again for hosting this virtual convention!

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