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Sir John's Secret

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2010's Wolfman gave us Benicio Del Toro as Lawrence Talbot returning to England after his brother turns up dead. It's also a reuniting with his father, Sir John, played by Anthony Hopkins. But John has a secret ...

The kit, sculpted by Mark Van Tine and casted by Gillman Prods., is excellently done in 2 parts (the bust and the base). There's no flash or bubbles to be found.

I kinda remembered what Sir John looked like from the movie, but it was rather difficult to find photos that weren't screen grabs where the colors were affected by other lighting on stage. The most popular one had the whole image in a sort of yellow light. This was no good.
I finally found "behind the scenes" pics which show a costume in natural light - -



With these images it was time to go to work. Firstly there was a light seam hidden in the fur. It took about a half hour to clear that away and make it disappear--





Very cool. MVT signed it for me!

I then move fwd with the new way I prime kits - painting them black and then heavily drybrushing in white. The reasoning behind this is when you thinly apply color, it will automatically give you two tones--


First thin coat of brown

A wash Agrax Earthshade added (different lighting)

In the movie, Sir John is an older man with gray hair so when he turns in to a Wolfman he keep his gray hair. So after painting the highlights and shadows of the fur, the final step was to highlight certain parts of his body with Vallejo's Light Gray. Being a coward I always wait until the end to do the eyes. A quick search told me Anthony Hopkins has blue eyes, and I saw nothing in writing letting me know he was wearing contacts. So blue eyes it is - -




It was obvious that the based was on a wooden block. So rather than hiding that, I brought out the wood grain, but kept the block old looking. The pentagram was painted Vallejo's Old Gold and highlighted with Brass. The scratches were painted with Cavalry Brown, which is actually a deep red, and then put some V's Gloss over it to make it stand out a bit. I also created a "shadow in the pentagram with the same Cavalry Brown. That did it. I'm done. :)

Thanks for looking.

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Looks great Kev, and it's a Wolfman of a different ilk. I like the way the leathery face contrasts with the grayness of the fur, while both help infer age.


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks Gil. It was really a fun kit to build once I found the right pics. Yep, they made poor ol' Anthoy Hopkins pretty old looking and even one shot of his transformation he was almost snow white.


It's a huge pic so I'll just link it:



But IMHO that look was just to much.

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