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AMX-13 in lebanon


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Hello friends


I would like to show you one of the 4 models I built for the recent Blue Steel 5 AMX-13 in Lebanon book. The book is about how to use very simple painting techniques for novel modellers to achieve the heavily rusted and weathered look of military vehicles. For these articles I used the new Takom kits that has been an excellent relief for the ancient Heller one. Takom makes 3 different versions of this little tank and is announcing some new and interesting different versions, like the prototype with the M-24 Chaffee turret.

Here are some photos of the model with the 75mm gun that I made to illustrate the first gallery of the book that shows many AMX-13 of different versions parked at a Lebanese army depot, the gallery pictures belong to Sam Assad, the other half and author of the book.

This model represents one of the AMX-13 that were provided by Israel, thus the sand colour camouflage over the original French Green colour. Both paint layers are completely worn and spoiled due to decades at the open under the intense Mediterranean sun.

I hope you like the pictures, you can download some sample pages of the book at www.bluesteelseries.com













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This kit is outstanding! very real and lots of details, congrats!

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