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Mark Deliduka

Four Ships Launched from Maddog Manufacturing

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Despite having a rough month, I managed to get four ships launched from my slipways.

The first ship out for her shakedown cruise is my 1/700 scale Arleigh Burke-class USS Forrest Sherman destroyer:



Following her is another destroyer, the 1/700 scale USS Arthur Radford. She was a test bed for the proposed AEMS:



Next out is my frigate, the Uss Ingraham in 1/700 scale:



Finally, in trail is my 1/700 scale USS New York. She'll get her air wing a little later on after her shakedown cruise:



Finally, after this little flotilla had formed up, we were able to get a flyby picture taken as they all sailed into the sunrise to start their shakedown cruise:


That's all for now. I have more finished models in the Aircraft and Armor Forums as well, feel free to check them out. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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