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U.S. Moon Ship


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I was eager to build this model as it was the first one I ever built as a kid, prolly around 1967-68. This time it is put out by Round 2 but kept the retro Lindberg box -
I hope it urns out better than when I was 7. :smiley2:

After cleaning it up, I primed and preshaded the crap out of it (hehe) -

The next day I assembled the craft. Boy, this was bringing back memories of me at the kitchen table with the newspapers put down and Mom making dinner.
For whatever reason, when I'm painting white, to me, it's always a gray until it's too late. There's so many coats on it that I obliterated the preshading. Sigh :blush:
Ugh did you see what I did? I put the 2 frames with the extra components on the same side.They are supposed to be on opposite sides... maybe I can't build it better than a 7 year old... But too late to change it.

The little astronauts looked ok so I primed with black and then drybrushed the white uniform color over it. It was then that I "saw" all the flash. So I took an Xacto to the men and clean them up and repainted -

While I was waiting for everything to dry, I took some spackle to the base, and as the spackle was drying I made craters with some sculpting tools -
The tools -

It it with some paint and it ended up like this -
The center of the field really isn't white it's more of a light gray.

The decals were very thick and I had to put slits in the star decal to get it to conform to the curve. The checkerboard decal also needed some help. I ended up giving it about 5 or 6 coats of Micro Sol to get them to sit down well enuff.
Finally I glued the Moon Ship onto the base and then placed the astronauts. Thanks for looking.

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Excellent job on a "vintage" model. And we now know that in the real world rockets can, indeed, land "nozzles first".

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Nice job, I love all those re-pops from various companies. These sci-fi kits were my first modeling love.

Ditto. And thanks for sharing the fact that you don't always get it right the first time! I know I don't, but the articles in hobby magazines make it seem as though the authors never make a misstep. Encouraging to hear that other modelers aren't perfect, either. Oh, and your base is spectacular.

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Thanks for the kind words. Despite trying not to, every once in a while I have an oops that can't be changed. Why hise it? Whats done is done, and my me saying it it leaves others no where to go to point out my goof (yeah I've been hanging out at the other forum a long time).


Honestly that the reason I like reading SAMI magazine. They have builders that build to the best of their ability not for perfection. On occasion you see not quite straight canopy railing painting, or maybe even a whole plane brush painted. Kind of a breath of fresh air to see not everyone is a pro.

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We pros don't always get it right the first time either. Virtually everything I build has at least one or two "oops!" or "un-ohs" in them. The difference between pros and everyone else? We're stubborn enough to correct all of our mistakes!

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