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Fisher Models Update and New Releases


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Attached are a couple pics of the latest , a 1/32 scale conversion set for the HK Models Gloster Meteor to make the two seat T.7 version, I am also working up a night fighter and WW-2 early Meteor F.3 set, but these are pretty major and will take a while longer.


Another "nose job " I am working on is for the Trumpeter 1/32 F-8 Crusader to make the photo-recce RF-8 , hope to have that one ready in time for the NATS. It's pretty much the whole front end of the airplane from the wheel wells on up


.Also re-tooling my 1/32 Hawker Sea Fury for a 10th anniversary edition, simplifying the model a bit to make a faster , easier build and get the price down a bit. Hard to believe it's been that long, when I did that model the trend was for lots of posable flaps, ailerons, elevators and such and it makes for a nightmare trying to control shrink and get a fun build, the new release will have these parts fixed in place and a few other things to take some of the fear factor out of the build. I have noted the chatter on line about how kits have become over-engineered and too fussy so I am going to try a less fiddly approach and see what happens.


Car wise I'm working on a '53 Cunningham C4RK Le Mans Coupe, and a Ferrari 500 Mondial from 1954.




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