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Blood Rage's Frost Giant

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The Frost Giant is one of a set of about a gazillion figures from the Blood Rage game's Kickstarter (a story for another time). Starting off with a primer, I once again fell into the trap of looking and not finding seams -



From here, and the fact that he was from a Viking Game (singing the lyrics to Led Zep's Immigrant Song in my head right now) and decided since he's from the Land of Ice and Snow, he has to give an appearance of cold. So what I did was add a little blue to the colors I used.

Here he is as of last night. Getting back to the seams - once I started painting the figure - yep, I started to see them. Sigh. I took off what I could, but I have to admit I left a few. Looking at the other Giants in the set, this one was the worst for seams. The rest should cause less headaches.
Anyway, the hair and rock are finished, but the skin only has a base coat on it. I took the next two pic before giving it a shot of Dull Cote and calling it a night.





As I'm painting a 3rd highlight I say to myself "If he's a Frost Giant, why is he so tanned?" So I broke out new colors and am calling the figure done with this rendition - -





Next will be the base. I sawed of the round base, found another, but am waiting on some Z scale spruce trees that I got off eBay to finish up the vignette.

I'll be back for the finale when the trees arrive. Thanks for looking.

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