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P-59 Airacomet


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According to a quick Google search, there were 3 prototypes, 13 service test air frames, and about 50 P-59As and Bs produced. They never saw combat. Pics of the early ones during the war are split between NMF and OD/gray, with most seeming to be OD/gray. Supposedly at least one squadron was made up of P-59s, but I cannot find many pics that appear to have squadron codes on the side outside of museum survivors (which may or may not be accurate). I would also guess that as the war dragged on, and they started producing P-59s for service, they would have dropped the paint and gone NMF; as they did with most all other aircraft produced in the last years of the war.


I wasn't able to pin any "numbers" down. My suggestion is if you're doing a prototype or test service bird, do OD/gray. If you're putting some sort of squadron markings on it, go with NMF. Hope this helps!


GIL :smiley16:

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