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1/72 wish list

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I would love to have a 1/72 scale McDonnell model 119/220 business jet. Only one built and it was a beauty!

Also would love a 1/72 Boeing 757-200 in the last TWA livery.


On the armor side why not a 1/72 Ontos with some brass barrels.

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I'll second the motion for that 1/72 Ontos in plastic! Matador Models has a 1/76 version that is Resin and OKB Grigorov has a Resin 1/72 available. OKB also offers brass gun tubes while Matador has white metal gun tubes. I have built the Matador and replaced the tracks/running gear from scratch instead of the white metal supplied. The OKB kit seems to have several plastic and resin parts for the running gear. Still on my to do list though.

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Oh man, I could be here for hours listing what I want!


In aircraft, I'd love to see the following in 1/72 scale:


Boeing 747

Boeing 757 ( second that motion!)

C-5A Galaxy

C-141 Styarlifter

C-17 Globemaster

Any Lear Jet



I'd love to see the following in 1/72 scale armor:


I third the Ontos!
M-109 Self Propelled gun with enough parts for versions A-nothing to A-5. (or they could simply issue a model of each one!)

M-41 Walker Bulldog.

M-47 Patton.

M-42 Duster

M-107 and M-108 Self Propelled Guns.

M-198 Towed artillery piece.

ZSU-23/4 Shilka

Patriot SAM Missile system complete with radar and command vehicles.

Hawk SAM Missile system with radar and command vehicles.

Chaparral SAM system

Pershing missile system

SA-6 Ganef (?)

SA-8 Gainful(?) I may have gotten those two incorrect , but I want a Gainful and Ganef!

British Chieftain tank




Look at all these armor models that have never been released in 1/72 scale! So many, and yet all we seem to get are yet another Panther, Tiger or Paper Panzer!


Come on people! I only hope Toxso or Modelcollect finally come through for us!






Okay, rant over, back to the workbench....

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All of the above, plus Cold War/modern airfield vehicles - but especially the BONE - !!!

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Commercial automobiles, public service vehicles, construction vehicles, service trucks, and big rigs are sorely lacking in 1/72 scale. I'd love to have the 1/72 Shuttle on the monster trailer towed by the COE truck tractor as it was moved from the assembly plant, for example. Vehicles with wheels service all sorts of airfield operations. HO scale vehicles far outnumber Braille scale vehicles. Civilian figures for all these vehicles are also needed.



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I think the only 1/72 commercial truck models are made by a Danish company called ScanKit. I've run across 5 or 6 of these kits. I believe these were former Keil Kraft kits. Only the Kenworth has that standard US big rig look, the rest scream European. They are often sold as "1/87" but are 1/72.

The ones I have are:
#2003 Ford Transcontinental Trailer Truck
#2021 Volvo F12 Trailer Truck (covered bed)
#2022 Volvo F12 Container Truck
#2023 Volvo F12 Trailer Truck (with cargo)
#3010 Kenworth Aerodyne Conventional




I'd like to see some 50-60s era armor kits. That Ontos would be great, a Sheridan (not the old Airfix kit) in both Vietnam and Desert Storm versions. Recovery vehicles like the M88, M88A1 and M88A2 would be welcomed as would an M728 CEV.

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