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Discontinued Humbrol Colors

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According to a post on the Britmodeller forum, the following Humbrol colors have been discontinued, as confirmed by their deletion from the trade order forms:


36 Matt pastel green
42 Matt violet
44 Matt pastel blue
58 Matt magenta
111 Matt field grey
112 Matt field blue
156 Satin dark camouflage grey
157 Matt azure blue
167 Satin RAF Barley grey
168 Satin hemp
187 Matt dark stone
195 Satin dark green
225 Matt middle stone
230 Matt PRU blue
234 Matt dark flesh
237 Matt desert tan
239 Gloss British racing green
240 Matt RLM 02 grau
241 Matt RLM 70 schwartzgrun
242 Matt RLM 71 dunkelgrun
243 Matt RLM 72 grun
244 Matt RLM 73 grun
245 Matt RLM 74 graugrun
246 Matt RLM 75 grauviolett
247 Matt RLM 76 lichtblau
248 Matt RLM 78 himmelblau
249 Matt RLM 79 sandbraun
250 Matt desert sand
251 Matt RLM 81 dunkelbraun
252 Matt RLM 82 olivgrun
253 Matt RLM 83 dunkelgrun
1325 Clear green

So get 'em while you can.

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Way back in the 70's a company in the UK named Gloy introduced a very comprehensive set of colours with a much wider range than Humbrol. Within a year Humbrol brought out an even more comprehensive list of colours to fight off Gloy's challenge. Brilliant for the model maker at the time, until Gloy's challenge was killed off. Many model shops at the time were a bit reticent to hold another range of paints other than Humbrol's anyway.

Result Humbrol won out. Gloy's range disappeared, and within a couple of years or so Humbrol were cutting back their range of colours. Sound familiar?


So yes, pick up those current colours now being axed and place them in your stash!

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