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My 2016 Production at Maddog Manufacturing

Mark Deliduka

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Not quite sure I'm getting that comment Buck. Interesting though. If you're referring to the red color on the paint stand; that was from my two cars I painted red. The red on the desk top is from spilled paint.


Stay tuned, hopefully more to come.

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Well, I won't be building anything for awhile; so I'm gonna post what I did get done before I was forced to stop. The reason will be mentioned at the end of this post. Before that though, I wanted to show some of the issues I had with the Vallejo Liquid Metal. From front to back:





You can see most of it seems to be the paint drying before it hits the model. Once I get more of this, I'll try again; this time thinning it with alcohol as suggested on the bottle.

Meanwhile, I tried to get further along on my German vehicles. To start, I started installing the wheels on my Tpz Fuchs, along with some tools and other detail parts:


Next I started building the weapon station/remote control turret on my Boxer Command vehicle:


I continued by adding some bits and bobs to it:


Finally, I did the same to my Boxer APC. I added the gun to the remote turret and then added some tools and antennas, among other parts. I also started to install the wheels to this. If it looks like it is leaning, it's because it is. I only got the wheels on the one side:


And now for the reason I won't be building for awhile. I need to heal.

Yesterday while working at a house, I shot my hand with a 16-penny pneumatic air nail gun. The nail went more than halfway inside my hand at the base joint of my thumb, scraping the bone inside and creating whole new definitions of pain. Right now, my hand is braced so that it can't move; thankfully:


Any movement creates new adventures in screaming, intense pain. I am on strong antibiotics now. The only 'redeeming' thing about this experience was that I got to experience morphine for the first time. It did nothing to dull the pain at all, but it sure made it easier to deal with!

Okay, that is about all I have for awhile. My apologies for this and trust me; there's nothing you can say about my thoughtlessness and carelessness that hasn't already been said; nor is it worse than anything I'm feeling about my stupidity now. Meanwhile I'll just keep checking in once in awhile and possibly post. It does take forever to post with my left hand...

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Nature's way of saying "take a break!"


That sux. Hang tough, bro.


Nothing intelligent to offer, regarding the paint.


So screw it - go enjoy Thanksgiving, as able. You earned an extra piece of punkin' pie in there, somewhere!

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Thanks Bob. Actually I had just come off a break: my trip to Florida. It was time to get back to work. I can't afford any more breaks like these!


I'll figure out the paint; it shouldn't be too hard. That's why I'm practicing so much here.


And yes, I shall be enjoying my Thanksgiving. I appreciate your comments Bob, I'm always glad to see your replies.

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Hi, Mark,


For many years I have been wondering why so many young people have taken to body piercings in every and any place imaginable. With all the silver, chrome, gold, and jewels in places God never thought to place them, I thought to myself that they look like they have been attacked by a staple gun. How long did they have to wear the bandages? Who went to jail for this mistreatment?


Now you go and join the ranks of the staple gun professional victims. You couldn't just have stopped with your attempt to cut off your finger? Some people...it makes you wonder...


So, you did something and damaged your thumb. At least it's still attached to your hand. My ever-necessary thumb drive for my computer with the majority of our files somehow got damaged today. It no longer can be connected to my computer through the USB port and be recognized as attached. You'll be healing and recovering the use of your thumb. I'll be reconstructing files on a new thumb drive.


OK, enough of this stretch at some lightness. I wish you a speedy and full recovery all in God's time. You are relieved officially of all responsibilities and pressures to build models. Catch up on some reading and maybe do a little research for future projects.


Best to you and your wife for the holidays.



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LOL!! Thanks Ed! I also used to wonder about all those who do piercings; especially now after experiencing this. Staple gun? I WISH it had been a staple gun! At least a staple would have felt a lot less painful than a 3-1/2" long nail going halfway into my hand! LOL!!! I hope your 'thumb' recovers as well as mine appears to be doing. I shall indeed enjoy some books and movies for awhile. However, I won't stop trying to build something.....


Thanks again for the great reply Ed!

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Shooting yourself.....probably the only thing that could slow you down!


Praying for a fast, complete recovery with no complications Duke! On the other hand :smiley2: :D , this is an opportunity to get a lot of research done! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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Thanks Gil! I surely didn't need anything like this happening that's for sure! LOL! I don't know how much more research I can do. I'm tired of research right now, I wanna get something finished!

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Okay, now that my hand is feeling a little better, and before I temporarily lose the use of it again after my surgery; I wanted to show some of the progress I've made.

I'll start with the RA-5C Vigilante I'm doing for Hippy Ed. I attempted a new way of doing the exhaust nozzles. I'm not too thrilled with the way they turned out:


Next I added the canopy parts so I could mask them off for painting:


Finally I decided to permanently attach the wings:


That's as far as I got with that one, except for a little sanding and fiddling with it. Later on, I masked the clear parts. When it was dry, I shot white where it's supposed to go. No pics of that as you can't really see in the pics where the white ends and the bare plastic begins.

Moving along, I also filled and sanded smooth the Leopold gun barrel and then added the rest of the gun carriage parts. It's not much, but it's a little bit of something. I set it next to an Exacto knife so you can see how big this gun is:


While that was set aside to dry, I spent several days trying to get these three German vehicles finished. Starting with the Fuchs, all I needed to do was add the two sections of outer wheel (which I'd glued together earlier). Turns out I glued the middle pieces on backwards due to the poor illustration on the instruction sheet, so I had to cut out part of the center sections like so:


It worked. I was able to put all the Fuch's wheels on and they all still turn. I then added all the final detail parts to this so I could finally weather it and call it done:


Meanwhile, I did the same to the Boxer APC. I got the remaining wheels on and also added some additional detail parts to this:



Finally, I added the last detail bits on this so I could finish the touch-up painting and get this finished:


Since I was also working on the Boxer command vehicle, I finished off the wheels on this vehicle, as well as added all the remaining detail pieces so I could get this finished at the same time as the Boxer APC:


After awhile, I was able to call all three of these vehicles done. You can see them in the Armored Forums. Feel free to check them out.

To "celebrate" my finished models, I decided to put together all the mules for the Borax Mule Team. Yes, there are twenty in this kit, feel free to count them:


The 'skinner' or driver is in the pic sitting on one of the mules and the 'swamper' or assistant is laying down in the left front of the pic. He is supposed to go on the rear wagon.

Okay, that is all I have right now for this week. I know it is a small update, but I'm only effectively using one and a half hands. I might be able to get more done depending on how long it will be before the surgery. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I have a couple pies to bake....

Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for posting Tony! It had been so long since I posted this that I forgot all about it. Don't feel bad; everyone builds at his own pace. Personally, I feel like a slacker too; I usually have more done than this! Besides, the skill and finish you put on that figure far outshines what I've done here.


Thanks again for posting.

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Interesting that you have complete dominence over the modeling world with the volume of kits you complete and now you are starting your own animal kingdom. what next the known universe. Your killing me. LOL


Chris G.

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Chris that is hilarious! You know, I do have a lot of little animals in a couple sets to paint up.....


Thanks for the laugh and the compliment! I needed those today!


And now, an update. I took some time to work on some things this week.

I'll start with the Leopold Rail Gun. I assembled the lifting apparatus inside the hull of the thing as shown here:


Later, I also assembled the main ammo box/crane system with the little ammo cart:


I know, I'm kinda working backwards on this, but I want to get the simpler things done first before I have to build and line up all the wheels for this.

Moving on, I assembled the engine for the Pershing II tractor. It was a lot smaller than I thought, as indicated by the Exacto blade:


Here it is installed on the main chassis, along with the bits and bobs for this side of the chassis:


Afterward, I added all the bits and bobs to the other side of the chassis:


Still a lot more to add to this, but it's going to go much easier now.... I hope.

Oh, in all the above pics the cab is only dry-fit on the chassis to make sure I have everything lined up properly.

After that, I decided to make another leap of faith. I had ordered a replacement part for my SMERCH so I could move on with this. Trusting that Modelcollect would come through; and inspired by another gentleman named Graham who is also building this, I went ahead and continued to work on this model.

First, as per Graham's advice, I assembled all the parts that go inside the two chassis rails, starting with the engine and radiator:


After that I also built all the other parts (transmission covers/differentials, etc). Here you can see them all lined up according to where they are supposed to go:


After fighting this model for another half hour, I manged to get the entire chassis assembled, sans wheels on one side:


Since the replacement part hadn't arrived yet, I figured that I'd tackle the rocket tubes. I had already taken all the half pieces and assembled them together, so now it was time to mount them on their respective frames. Here you see the first two sets of tubes installed on the frames:


You can see one was fired off already; I had lost the nose cone that was supposed to go inside there.

Here is the entire rocket set fully assembled:


Now I have to assemble and install the lifting apparatus for these tubes.

Finally Modelcollect came through and in a BIG way! I had asked for one part as indicated by the arrow. They sent me all THIS:


Now I was able to complete the chassis on this model! I promptly went to work building all the remaining axles and installing them on the chassis. First one side (which had already been done):


Then the other one with the all new parts:


You can see I also added the fuel tanks(?) and other bits and bobs too.

That's all I got done for now before life closed in again. At least I have all my Christmas cards mailed, bills paid, and now I can concentrate on finishing up my job I'm doing. I may not even get back to the bench before the end of the year, but stay tuned; one never knows.....


Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome!

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Okay, as promised, here’s my latest progress on my models that I got done before Christmas.

I’ll start with my little Japanese Centauro-wannabe prototype vehicle. It had been sitting and waiting for the second color of its camouflage pattern for awhile now so I figured it was time to get going on it. I pulled out my Silly Putty and masked off the areas I wanted to remain green:


Now when I have time to get to my spray booth, I’ll give this a second color. I’ll also clearcoat my Japanese Patriot PAC III system while I’m at it. That has been waiting for a while to be finished too. No pics of that as I haven’t done anything pic-worthy yet.

Moving on, I worked on my Pershing II system too. I built the engine cover, but did not glue it down yet. I also added the front armor plate in front of the cab, as well as other bits and bobs:


The cab and engine cover aren’t glued down yet as I have to paint the engine first; it is slightly visible under there:


After this, I started the trailer for this model. It is a very complicated assembly so this is as far as I got so far:


This is going to be one big beastie when I get done with it:


After this, I started on my SMERCH. I finished adding all the remaining bits and bobs to the chassis on this. Finally that part is finished:


Just for fun, I dry-fit the main platform on the top of this:


Upon inspecting the pieces and seeing the instructions, I decided that the pivot point for the launcher and the platform where the launcher traverses was too weak. I want these rocket tubes to traverse so I went to work trying to find a way to strengthen this so the tubes would traverse. To start, I added the retaining pin to the lauuncher:


Then I added rod styrene to the groove between them to solidify this and make it one larger post:


Later I’ll sand that smooth to make sure it fits in the hole smoothly.
Speaking of the hole, I widened it to make sure it would be big enough:


Later on, I’ll attach that with a bigger plug plate to make sure it stays in place and allows the tubes to traverse. Hopefully this works.
Finally I got some work done on my Leopold rail gun too. I decided it was time to get the wheel/axle assemblies finished. I put them all together; making sure they were all lined up straight, then I installed them on the trucks:


Later I finished the trucks up, adding all the bits and bobs needed:


After that, I finished up the ammo crane/generator box, except for the railings:


I know the shell on the top looks crooked, but it’s an optical illusion from the angle. I checked it.
I left the railings off this and the trucks because I know I’d break them if I added them now. I’ll put them all on last. I did the same with the Dora and it worked.

Finally, I also got the main gun installed on the main gun carriage and finished the basic construction on it. It works:



That’s all I have for now.

Oh, all the models I mentioned in this post (but not all pictured) are the last five models I need to finish to reach my goal. Once they are done, I’ll have reached my latest milestone. Now, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to my workbench again, so stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated when I do. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Thanks Gil! I'm not sure what rail car you're referring to, but if it is the main gun carriage, then yes, it is made from heavy duty steel and extremely thick. Besides, when this thing fired, the force/recoil passed down the long axis of the car, leaving no chance of tipping over. The whole thing is quite low slung compared to something like the Dora; which is why Dora needed two tracks.


Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

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Okay, I got a new update.... and it's a big one. Today I was able to marathon some builds and fire up my spray booth and MAN did that feel good!

Okay, I'll start with my aircraft. I was looking over my C-118 and found even more flaws that needed filling and sanding. So, I scraped and sanded some areas but the cockpit here:


All four engines needed some work as well, so I filled, sanded and buffed all these to see if I could get them smooth enough for another coat of metallic:



I'll need to wait till I get more metallic paint before I can move on this further.

Then I pulled out the airbrush, fired up the compressor and started to sling paint. I pulled out the Vigilante that I'm doing as a tribute to Hippy Ed and masked it off:


Later on, I shot grey paint on it:


I also shot some grey paint on my F-8 Crusader that was already masked off:


After these had dried a bit, I pulled off all the tape. First on the Vigilante:


Then on the F-8 Crusader:


Both of those are ready for a clearcoat and decals now.

Okay, that's all the progress on my aircraft now. I moved on and tried to marathon my armor builds to see how close they would all come to being finished by the New Year. These will be shown in the following post since I have more photos than I'm allowed...

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And now for Part II, the armor builds.....



First off, since I already had the airbrush out to spray my aircraft; I pulled out the little Japanese ARV prototype and shot the second dark brown color on it:


Later on when it was dry, I pulled off all the Silly Putty and set it up to see how it looked:


Pretty nice I thought. I did feel the brown was a bit dark, but I didn't want to re-mask it to shoot something else on it.

After that, I decided to have a bit of fun and try to color modulate the green on the Japanese Patriot PAC III. I used an Olive Drab since I was also going to use that color on my Pershing II Tractor:


It didn't turn out like I wanted, but then I'm not that good yet. I will still dry-brush some OD on it to highlight some points later on though.


Later on, I finished adding all the last detail parts on my Leopold rail gun. This is now ready for paint. I'll add the railings afterward when this is done so I don't break them all:


Here it is with the first coat of paint:


Tomorrow I will mask off the red-brown spots now and then shoot the dunlegelb.

Moving on to the Pershing II system, I started to paint the engine and drive train for the tractor first:


And since I already had the OD out, I masked off and painted the rest of the tractor to the Pershing II when the internal parts were dry:


Later on, I pulled the masking off and touched it up:


This will need a little more touch-up paint but it is just about ready for decals.

I also went and continued to work on the trailer to this Pershing. I finished up most of the bits and bobs on this trailer:



Later on, when some of these parts had dried better, I added all the parts that hold the missile in place. That was tricky with some of them being so delicate an all. Here it is all finished (sans wheels) with the Pershing missile dry-fit in place:


Finally I went back to working on the SMERCH. I started out again where I'd left off, strengthening the pivot point for the traverse. I got the post sanded smooth:


Then I looked it over and decided I wanted a bit more reinforcement in this. So, I pulled out some metal rod, drilled a hole in the post, and added the metal rod to it. You can also see the new plug in the bottom right corner:


Later on, I installed this on the floor panel; cutting the brass rod down to size and cementing everything with CA glue:


It worked! First the 'stowed' position:


And then in firing mode:


Man, I'm stoked about that! Moving on with this model, I started painting the inside mechanisms in the chassis of this beastie, since I had the paint out from painting the Pershing:


Then I started to work on the interior parts of both the cabins; the driver's cabin...


...and the fire control cabin:


There's not much inside these so that went quick. Besides, there's not much use detailing them further as almost nothing will be visible when these are all closed up. Later I will add the windows to this so I can paint the interior of these cabins and close them up. Then I might even be able to paint this model!

Okay, that's the end of this update so far. Tomorrow looks like another day of marathon modeling so I hope to be much further along on these. I might even be able to post another update then. We'll see. Meanwhile, comments are welcome, thanks all for looking in.

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Okay, someone on another Forums had challenged me to get my last five armor models finished by the end of the year. Well, I marathoned these models as much as I could these past couple days, but.... I'm out of time. On New Year's Eve I have too much going on to do anything on the bench so these will have to wait till the New Year. I got as far as I could with them, but there just isn't any more time.

I'll start with the easiest ones I had left to do. The first of these was the little Japanese prototype vehicle. I clearcoated this, washed it and got the decals on this first:


After that I dullcoated it, added the wheels and then drybrushed it:


There's still a few bits and bobs left to put on it but I'll have to wait.

On the other JGSDF vehicle; I also clearcoated this Patriot, added the support arms, washed it as well and added the decals:


Later on I dullcoated it, drybrushed it:


Still more to do with this one. More little detail parts that complete this will go on later.

Moving on, I shot the olive drab basecoat on the Pershing missile trailer and missile:


While that was drying, I assembled the rear axles for the trailer. That was a tricky assembly:


I then clearcoated the tractor, washed it and added the decals:


Later on, I did the same for the trailer and missile:


Finally this whole thing got dullcoated and all the wheels added to everything:


Still a lot to do on this. Again, out of time.

Next I had a lot of work on the SMERCH. First off, I added the windows to the cabins and assembled both of them:



Here is a couple shots of this thing dry-fit together, testing out the rocket tubes again:



Next up, I added liquid masking to the windows on the cabs and set them aside to dry. Meanwhile, I shot the basecoat of Russian Earth Brown on the rest of this model:


This is the first color of the three-tone camouflage pattern I'm putting on this. Afterward, when everything was dry, I shot a basecoat on the cabins. When they dried, I installed everything together for the first time:


Finally, I wanted to see how this thing sits on it's wheels. It is early, since I wanted to get done painting this first, but I just got too excited and wanted to see this on wheels. Here it is, testing once again the rocket tubes elevation and traverse with all that paint on it:



There's two more colors to add to this before I can finish off all the last detail parts, so this one has a long way to go compared to the rest.

Last but not least, I took a lot of time masking off the Leopold rain gun. That took quite a lot of time adding all these little splotches of Silly Putty. I did the main gun first since there was so much to do:


Next I added the Silly Putty to the rail cars and generator shed:


Finally, I shot about a bottle of Panzer Dunklegelb all over this model:


Gee, all that work for ten minutes of spraying! Wow, I guess that's how it goes...

Finally, when it was all dry, I pulled off the Silly Putty again. Gotta love Silly Putty:


Finally, this beastie got his decals:


There's still a lot to do on this one too. Not to mention, I need to review how to weather one of these somewhat.

Okay People, that is the final workbench update from Maddog Manufacturing for this year. Next year, I'll start another Maddog Manufacturing 2017 series. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

Now to go post my Year in Review.

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Great stuff Duke - inspiring! Hope to see all of this great stuff at the Nats.


(Posted from the other end of the bell-curve.)

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Thanks Bob! I don't know that all of it will make it to the Nats. Omaha is quite a distance for me. Not even sure I'll make it this year. If you go to Phoenix, in 2018, you'll be able to see them there. Thanks again for the compliments!

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I know it's 2017 so I should be closing this out, but I just wanted to add my final model in.

It's a small update anyway because yesterday I finished up four of the last five vehicles that I wanted to finish. These are simply the last steps I took to complete the SMERCH. This model fought me the whole time I was building it, but I finally beat this into submission.

First off, I masked the whole thing with Silly Putty to add the second color to this:


SPECIAL NOTE: If you build this model and use Silly Putty to mask it; be sure to LEAVE OFF the rubber tires!! Silly Putty fuses to them! Ask me how I know.... :facepalm

You can see where I started the second color already. here's the shot after I finished that black striping:


Next I moved some Silly Putty or added some Silly Putty to cover the black and then shot the final color:


You can see where some pieces came off. As I said; this model fought me tooth and nail...

Here it is after all the Silly Putty came off:


Then I added some extra parts that I had apparently forgotten to put on this model, as well as replaced another wheel hub that had broken off and disappeared:


Finally, I clearcoated this and decaled it, after painting all the 'new' pieces and letting everything dry:



When that had dried, I dullcoated this and weathered it. I tried to go light on the weathering, just for my personal preference. You can now see this model and the rest of my finished ones n the Armor Forums.

Thanks all for looking in and having patience with me.

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Silly Putty technique here is brilliant. This is the way to get that Cold War NATO BDU camo onto wee-scale armor, with a proper scale look to it.


Thank you thank you thank you!

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