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SF3D/MaK Neuspinne.


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Here's my last finished model for 2015. The kit is from Rainbow Egg. It contained some finely cast resin pieces and injection molded parts from the Neuspotter kit but the brass rod frfor the legs had to be sourced. Build and paint was straightforward. Weathering was time consuming. I started this about a year ago and would work on it off and on as I felt the need.

The model is hand painted with Gunze and Tamiya Acrylics thinned with Mr Color Leveling thinner. Weathered with oil paints and enamels.







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HeHe. Thanks Mark and Dave. Appreciate it. I wish they would do more injection kits too, the resin ones are sort run and will never find their way into you LHS. Affordable MaK kits would be very popular with those that like scifi but think Gundams are for Kidz.


There are a couple of recent releases from that Hasegawa you might like.










whoa just looked again. Those must be MSRP. I've seen those kits for a lot less online.

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I built this one recently. I'm working on the base. Hasegawa White Knight with the resin Love Love Garden Black Knight conversion and Pilot figure. The base kit was super easy to build. The lumpy resin bits fit nicely.



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