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Forgotten Infestation

Mark Deliduka

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Hey guys, remember back when I had posted this pic of the Starship Troopers I was building and painting for a friend?


Well, I just realized that I hadn't posted the finished pics for you all! I had finished these up at least three months ago I believe and was paid a total of $65.00 for doing the lot. He was so impressed he acquired more of these bugs and troopers and wants me to do them too. I told him we'd have to re-negotiate the price; given the difficulty that I had to face with these. He agreed.

I didn't paint them according to the movies or the painting guide, but my friend Ryan stated that my paint work looked far better than either one, so without further ado, here's the finished pics:

Overall shot of the bugs and troopers:


Closeup of the troopers bracing for the onslaught:


Finally, a closeup of the bugs themselves, just before they all had 'lunch':


Since then he has brought out this game to play and everyone who played it commented on how incredible and magnificent his figures were. He keeps getting more and more requests to play this game now because of these.

My apologies for forgetting this, I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for looking in.

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Bugs Mr Rico.


Looks good Mark.

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