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M1A1 Abrams WIP


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Haven't posted in awhile so here is a project I have been working on. It is the old Tamiya kit of the M1A1 Abrams with Mine plow. I'll be depicting this one used in the "Thunder Run" during the drive to Bagdad, Iraq during OIF. So far I have added the missing front fender springs, added some missing bolts and filled in the gap between the front headlights. I have added or replaced the grab handles with brass wire. The biggest thing that was done is the model comes without the non-skid surface so I added this by carefully masking the pattern with tape and spraying textured paint on it. The turret got a new metal barrel, antenna mounts, wire added to the smoke dischargers, extended stowage racks, and IFF panels. The plow is getting chain added and a few scratch parts. More to come.







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