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Here is a recent completion

Alclad finish,with Testors Semi-Gloss rattlecand final finish. Kangaroo decal sheet from Bodenplatte attack.






Nice Inexpensive Kit, and then I added resin Interior ,Master Gun Barrels,Resin Wheel wells...Oh well



Two Part epoxy for wing Lights over colored Sprue lights






I did correct the Gear covers that are reversed




A little shiny for 1945 Europe,but I didn't have the heart to flatten her out

Weathered lightly with pastels and washed most hatchs


Thanks for looking

Comments are welcome



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All in 72nd scale. I had to go back and look at the first post again to see what scale it was. I was sure I was looking at a 48th scale plane.

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Way to go, Bill! Very nice!



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Thanks guys for the compliments.

The engine was not detailed as you really can't see more than about 5%. The kit engine is not bad from the box.



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