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Question about Paint Schemes from the 1960s

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Hello All,


I've got a question for the Paint Scheme Gurus here, guys like John Snyder, Randy Short and anyone here who might be able to help me.


I'm going to have a model of the USAF 95-foot (94' 11")ASRC built. It's the old LINDBERG kit (about 15 years ago, my brother got it for me on "the evil site" from a guy in Portugal). I'm going to have Stan, my builder, depict it as the boat appeared in the early 1960s - when the 2 95-footers were turned over to the USN as "Beach Jumper" boats ...


Mainly because I don't want a model in white, yellow and Day-Glo Orange. HA HA.


OK, I got a pair of 1:76 scale quad-50 Maxon mounts for it from Millicast in Scotland which will replace the kit's HORRIBLE 20mm guns and which are correct for the boat ...


But, what I need to know is; in the early 1960s, what did the USN paint their wooden craft in? What gray? And what were the decks - a darker gray than the hull? And, the bottom of the boat, would they have used Copperoyd or some other color?


Will you please help me?


Thank you,




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