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A Few things on my Bench...

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Neil Armstrong's F-5D --



A Monster from the Woods Dracula--



The Bride --




And finally 1:72 Muroc Models AD-1





Thanks for lookin'

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Thanks guys, I have a narrow field of what I like to build, but what they are are pretty different. :smiley2:


Kewl! What scale and kit is the F-5D?


GIL :smiley16:



Hi Gil, that's a 1:72 kit from Anigrand. But took they out of their catalog when I ordered. They must have pulled the mold out, saw it was no good, and discontinued the kit. They replaced my order with something I already had, without letting me know (not cool) but I was able to unload it.

Anyway the one I'm building, is from ebay.


It's all because I saw an image similar to this, and thought the orange was pretty unique --




But as I started the research, I found from a NASA site that it was really supposed to be red. I guess the museum got the plane with the paint really faded, and instead of looking it up, they just kept painting it orange.


Here it was in its heyday --



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