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Neuspinne Besondere

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Full scratch build started back in 2008. Finally finished it a couple of months ago and just recently took photos. Hand painted with Vallejo Model Color. Weathered with oils, enamels, pigments and acrylics.






Additional images can be found at: Neuspinne Besondere

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Thanks Rusty.

Thanks Dave. It started as a build based on one of Kow's sketches with the intent of releasing it as a limited garage kit back on 2007. Those plans changed and the build sat for a year of so until I dug it out again, shortened the legs, bulked up the mass quite a bit and added additional custom details. I tinkered with it on and off for a few years until I finally threw some paint on it.


This is what is looked like at the beginning. The sketch in the bottom corner was all there was to go off of.




With the intent of making a resin kit.





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