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Chance Vought SSM-N-9/MQM-15 Regulus II, 1/72, scratch

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I am planning to scratch the elegant Regulus II. I couldn't identify the wheels yet. I guess that the wheels where taken from existing planes. The nose wheel looks like an early F-8A nose wheel.

Does anyone knows more about? (the pics linking to primeportal MQM-15)





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Here we go:


The main problem was in the first step to find something like a pipe with the right diameter which can be used for the fuselage. I took me some time to it find but finally I found the matching thing in the warehouse. A duster.

It has the right diameter and is glueable.


The wings and fins are made from 2 mm hard plastic (also from the warehouse, but unfortunately its not offered anymore) which where sanded to get the profil for the later covering with sheet or PE.


The "random" is a cast from a F-104G. The formers are done and some of them will be cut out for the nose wheel bay. The first 2 formers from right will disapear in the fuselage to help to get it straight. The 3rd has the same diameter like pipe outline.


The next problem is the intake. The outside is the inside of the wheel bay. That can be get tricky when I start to detail it. Before that I can't close the intake with engine parts ( intake scratch, noozle Eduard). The intake is inside formed with formers and miliput and the colorfull plastic-thing is taken from a yoghurt cup. I heated it up with a soldering iron to get it in shape.





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