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CMP Ford F15 & Breda 20mm gun


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CMP Ford F15 with breda 20mm

Mirror Models 1/35 scale


The CMP trucks were produced in Canada for the Commonwealth at the Ford and Chevrolet facilities and were deployed in every theatre of war within the armies of many nations.

The recent Mirror Models kit represents one of these trucks captured in North Afrika by the Italian armyto which the y have added a breda 20mm gun at the back in the portee style.


The model is made of a considerable amount of pieces of previous models so many of them will be left once finished.

The instructions are a bit difficult to follow so is highly recommendable to study them and a previous identification of the parts as their numbers at the panels are not clearly seen.


Once we are sure how to proceed with the instructions and all the parts correctly identified, the building doesn't offer any complications, just cleaning a few parts and eliminating some inyection marks at the rear cargo part.


To paint my model I choose a different scheme to the one suggested in the box art, based on photos of some vehicles deployed at that moment by the Italian, I decided to keep the English light stone colour and paint the Italian flag over the hood for air identification.

For the chipped and rusted zones I used the stencilling technique, similar to the drybrush but charging some more paint with the brush and hitting softly the surface with perpendicular moevements.

To finish the model I put all kind of stowage at the back but trying to leave space enough to operate the gun, between the stowage you can see a case of maps and another one unfolded at the rear, all of them came from an English set of maps of this era used by the British and US troops in Afrika, you can download them here.










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