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D7 tractor


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The D7 tractor has been produced since 1938 at the Caterpillar industries and is part of a family of which is in the medium type. Being produced in various configurations and models, it has been used both for civil purpose and in the army.

The D7 tractor is capable of a 25ton work due to it's diesel de 200hp Cat 3306T engine.

Miniart's model reproduces with high detail this classic tractor in it's more simple configuration as a prime mover. The model is made out of quite a lot of pieces and builds itself without complications thanks to a manual that shows the steps clearly and amusingly. The excellent detail of the pieces is constant and soem of them, as the multiple levers, are so delicate that will require all of our care to handle without breaking them.

The model has a lot of details that are hidden once the building is finished, however, Miniart offer us the possibility of showing most of them due to the multiple parts that can be put aside or simple fixed in different positions.


The engine is quite impressive due to the many components, I decided to start painting very soon before I could be unable to reach some parts with ease.



I used an Olive drab primer to paint the different elements as I added them.





The tracks is the most boring part of the building, each link is made out of four pieces that you must align properly and fix with car in order to let them articulate and move freely. This process will allow us to palce them perfectly atthe boogies and reproduce the typical sagging on the upper links.


After painting all the parts with the olive drab primer, I applied some filters with the airbrush with lighter tones to produce some lights.




I painted the chipping with a mix of dark brown and black colours using the stencilling technique.



For the towing cable I used one made by myself with copper wire twisted with the Dremmel tool.


I used many pigments over an acrilyc wash moistened surface to create a rust texture and colour look.



The graphite pigment is perfect to imitate the polished metal.


The accumulation of different earth colour pigments is perfect to imitate a dry mud texture overthe tracks, just fix them with white spirit or ant special pigments fixer.


I added a Life magazine and a "mines" wood sign to break the general olive drab tone and created a simple base with a couple of anti tank obstacles to show the finished model.








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