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Renault AHN gulashkanone


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Renault AHN gulashkanone

This is the firs kit released by ICM of this curious French truck and it will be followed by more versiones.

Lately ICM has improved the presentation of their kits with better and harder boxes and very easy to follow manuals that invlove very few pieces in each step.

For my model I decided to depict a very anonimous truck that could be place mostly in every front from 1943 and that is one of the trucks that were fitted with a field kitchen to provide the troops.



I painted the cargo bay with a sand primer.


Then I used the Vallejo washes splattering little dots with a toothpick



Then I swept all the tiny dots in the plancks direction with a dry flat brush.



The result, a fast and easy dragged veil that imitates the wood vein.


After letting dry for 24 hours I used the chipping medium diluted with some water to cover all the wood parts. Then I waited half an hour and used dark yellow paint to cover all, inmediately after I painted some lights using lighter shades of the same colour. Once dry I scratched the work with a hard brush and warm water so part of the yellow colour would dissapear showing the wood work.



With dark chocolate color I painted the chipping at the metal parts and with dark brown acrylic wash I made a pinwash to stan out some details.


After placing the deacls and staining all over, the truck was ready to add a cargo.


I used the old Tamiya gulashkanone kit to which I cahnged a couple of details as the plastic ones were a bit rough. The rest of the elements came form different kits from Tamiya, Miniart, master box, etc.



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