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Matador Models, 1/76, Fox Armored Car

Ron Bell

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This kit is a nice starting point to make a Fox AC. The casting is generally good, but mine had some flash, some resin "blobs" and a few bubbles, some in awkward places. The barrel of the Rarden gun was warped 90 degrees, so I opted to replace it with tube/rod stock. The plates over the air intakes were a bit short and the molded-in grills on the rear engine deck were not very well defined, so I replaced all of it. Finally, the wheels only had detail on one side and looked a little small, so wheels from the scrap box were substituted. In cleaning up the tarp on the turret bin, the bungy cord detail was lost, so that was replace from stretched sprue. I added the ammo boxes and pry bar on the fenders and the mesh over the muffler at the rear. It comes with the driver's hatch open and a driver's head molded in, a nice piece of casting. The commander figure is from a Hasagawa Crusader with his raised arm replaced with one holding binoculars. With all this, it looks pretty good, although I still managed to get one of the wheels canted. I placed it on an old Matchbox diorama base as if it was on patrol in Northern Ireland and has just been missed by an IED.


One sided wheels and their replacement



Before paint





Finished product



























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It looks white in the photos, but its silver and its the recoil area. I've seen it painted and unpainted in photos, but I thought the silver was a nice "pop" of color.

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