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Schneider CA-1, Madrid 1936


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Spain bought six Schneider CA-1 tanks to use at the Morocco war in 1922, some years later 4 of them had survived and sent to Madrid where they remained unused until in 1936 begun the Spanish civil war.

The tanks that came form Africa received some minor changes; a gunhole at the front and another at the back, front light changed and added armor at the front made of a sewer cover.


I wanted to make two of the models suggested in the decals set, the one in Morocco with the girls inside the numbers and this one I finally choose, one of the CA-1 used in Madrid against the nationalists at the beggining of the war.

To adapt the Hobby Boss kit I had to build the back sections that enlarge the tank, the reshaped exhaust and the opther modifications I said before that were specific of the Spanish model called M-16


With the model built I primed it with olive green


Then I applied a first filter with a warm light green to make the first lights


Then another filter with a cream color to soften the contrast of the formar filter and stand out some parts a bit more.


A copule of filters with satin washes allowed me to darken some parts and enlighten others.


I painted the big brown zones with a brush


I applied a gloss varnish and once dry I started placing the decals




With the tracks primed with a dark brown color, I used the old drybrushing technique to stand out part of them using lighter rust tones


Some stains, a pin wash, dust and steel pigment rubbing to call the model finished.





Or maybe not, I still decided to add some mud.



And this is a photomontage I made with a Madrid park photograph as background.

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