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ModelFiesta 34-IPMS Alamo Squadron

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IPMS Alamo Squadron will host its 34th annual ModelFiesta on Feb 21st in San Antonio, Tx. Over 100 vendor tables will be stocked with goodies of all kinds, demonstrations and presentations are planned, and the contest area will be populated with 100's of models. The average number of entries in the contest is usually about 600 to 650 models.

The event site is easy to find coming in from Dallas/Austin as well as the east/west traffic from El Paso/Houston. For those who were at the show last year we are using the same facility. The contest site is about 20 minutes away from downtown attractions such as the Alamo and some of the Missions on the Missions Trail. Use the link on the IPMS Upcoming Events page to reach the club's website or to find contact info for the contest director.

The contest theme this year is, "Lone Star - any subject related to Texas or any Texan".


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