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Now that the holidays are just about over, I want to give everyone in the southeast a reminder that JAXCON 2015 is coming up fast.

Here is a link to the web page: JAXCON 2015. All of the rules, categories and forms are there for you to download and print out.

Our awards this year will be similar to last years 2 inch coin on easel arrangement, with the main difference being that the coins will be polished instead of antique.

As always, there will be plenty of vendors, and this year we will be giving out a little something extra to every attendee (while supplies last...we think we have ordered enough for our projected attendance) in appreciation for the support we have received from the SE USA modeling community over the years. This show is actually our 15th, our first being in 2001!

So get into overdrive, get that latest project completed in the next six weeks, and plan to attend what is one of the largest and most prestigious shows in the nation...JAXCON!

As soon as our awards package has been received, I will post photos.

Gil Gregg
IPMS First Coast VP
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Jaxcon is only 2 weeks away! Here's a sneak peek at our awards:



And here's the pins we'll be giving to everyone who registers for the contest, our vendors, and our judges:



The vendors area is sold out, with Jane's Tools (all the way from TX!), John's Models of P-cola, Grex, Xuron, Ian's Air Tees, as well as the myriad of guys selling their stash! The raffle should be as great as ever, with several kits worth well over $100 to try for.


Here's a link to all of our show info, as well as forms you can download and print o save some time: http://ipmsfirstcoast.org/JAXCON2015.html


We hope you can join us for the fun on Saturday, Feb. 7th, here in Jacksonville!


GIL :smiley16:

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