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The renault FT-17 in the Morocco war 1922


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In March 1922, 12 FT-17 were sent form Spain to Melilla to serve in the Morocco war. 10 of them had the round turret and had been bought some months before, another one had the octogonal turet and was adquired in 1919 for evaluation, the other one was the only TSF in Spanish service. 3 years late some of these tanks would participate in the firrst multi arms landing in history at Alhucemas.


The Meng kit has been a welcome for the WWI and Spanish civil war enthusiasts, it´s a very nice model that builds easily and has many subtle details, it also includes some photoetched parts and metal springs.


For my model I decided to use the Modelkasten tracks, althoug they have the wrong number of links, the detail is far better than the ones in the kit.


The painting scheme is a derivate of the classic Solomon camouflage and was the one that were using when they came from France




I did some masking for painting the main colours with the airbrush and painted with a thin brush the black stripes. Then I used the splattering technique to create many subtle stains using acrilyc filters.



For the tracks I used a dark chocolate base and pigments of different tones to add some dry mud and dust. A graphite pencil and metallic pigment applied with rubber bar were enough to imitate the polished metal at the constant rubbing zones.


Some oil stains here and there are always a nice touch






The photomontages are made with actual Morocco pictures

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