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Bottles water packages 1/35 to print


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Hi guys

maybe you haven't noticed but soem of the packages of this french bottles water firm you can buy 1/35 scale are not correct, they don´t have neither the right size nor the design.

In the next months I will design the most usual bottled water packages you can find in the actual war conflicts zones so you can download and print them being sure that they are correctly designed and close to the real ones. Don´t ruin your models using unexisting, anachronistic, out of scale, etc accesories.

As you do with your models check that the accesories:


-It´s from the date/era you need

-It´s the right scale/size

.It´s the right design

For you to have an idea, anything that is designed with the "Comic sans" font MUST be later than 1994

So here it's the first downloadable file with bottled water packages, i hope they can be useful to you.


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