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1/350 USS Bainbridge (Blue Ride Models)

Guest PetrolGator

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Guest PetrolGator
With Fletcher done, I've been able to put a little more work into this little boat. I started messing with this curious resin kit a few weeks ago after getting it from Brandon at FreeTimeHobbies. This kit is an improved version of the old Blue Water Navy kit, replacing much of the white metal with resin.

I've added some anchors poached and modified from Northstar's "Admiralty" set. I had to shorten the small launch anchors and reoriented the rear bar?


PE work has been most of the evening, with some extra bits added to her main guns. I've also added the "superstructure" scaffolding in all areas but the bow. I plan to add some stretched sprue to simulate cable used by the hoist to raise the anchors before I go about priming. Overall, initial construction is done. I'm going to run some Gator Glue along the railing base to fill any potential gaps, prime, then paint.

I plan to make this a quiet little build. Ideally, I'm done by the weekend.




This last picture gives an idea of how tiny this early tin can was.


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Guest PetrolGator

And... PAINT!



I decided to go with her "as commissioned" bottle green. I'll add some rigging to her funnels and forward crane tomorrow. With that done, I can move on to a Future spray down and a very light weathering.

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A little history on this ship is needed. When was she commissioned? Where and for how long did she serve? Was her crew small in number? Was she a coal burner? I ask because I do not know this class of ship.


The model itself looks great so far. The PE looks very delicate.



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Guest PetrolGator



Wiki article:




When was she commissioned?

- 1903.

Where and for how long did she serve?

- A bulk of her service time was with the Asiatic fleet. Aside from being the first American destroyer, she wasn't a terribly good design.


Was her crew small in number?

- 75 men, which is awfully high for a boat so small.


Was she a coal burner?

- Ayup. The hatches added to the deck? Coal scuttles.


No worries, Ed. Bainbridge is a sadly under appreciated little boat.

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Guest PetrolGator

Thank ya!


I've added some tarps on the bridge and midships, L'Arsenal and Northstar figures (in the period Navy Blue uniforms), and some of the rigging. I still have to rig out the main mast, some strange on the foremast, and the strands between them. Rigging currently present took me about 15 minutes, so this work should go quick.


Once this is done, my next step will be a bit of paint touch up and a dullcoat. I'll then fill portholes with a clear and shiny drying glue. She'll then be ready for a water base.







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Guest PetrolGator
Kit: Blue Ride Models' USS Bainbridge, 1/350

Additions: OOB minus a Northstar Models 1/350 anchor set. I also added some anchor clogs and tarps with tissue paper.

Paints: Model Master and Tamiya acrylics

Weathering: Primarily oil washed with some acrylic staining.

Water: Chris Flodberg's method of oats with tissue paper substituting paper towel. Terrible idea.

Impressions: Lovely kit that lends itself easily to modification. I have a second I may build as a WWI-era USS Duncan. My only complaint is that I wish the kit contained anchors.





I plan to take photographs with my digicam outside today, weather permitting.

Opinions welcome and criticism always warranted.

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