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Making A Sanding Block! (Tip)

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I'm going to show for those that are not aware of, a little tip on how to make a cheap and very useful sanding block using a piece of plasticstruct square/round tubing and whatever grit of sandpaper. Get yourself some plasticstruct square tubing.
*You can also use metal tubing, but I prefer the Plasticstruct.


**Always use Extra CAUTION when using sharp objects and super glue!

1. Pick a couple different sizes of plasticstruct that suit you.
2. *Sand one side of the plasticstruct your using a little flatter then it is, so it's good and flat!
3. Get you some sand paper and use whatever grit that you suits you ???
4. Using super glue, (Caution) put it *Sanded side of tubing and spread around with toothpick covering the bottom completely.
5. Now lay the plasticstruct down onto the sanding block and wait a few minutes.
6. Trim close around the sanding block with exacto knife. (Use Caution)
7. Homemade sanding block.


**Please always use Extra CAUTION when using any sharp objects and super glue! :smiley20:





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Thanks, Art,


This homegrown sanding block idea can be made into a set of different grits. Just write the number on the opposite side of the tube from the abrasive surface. Using super glue for joining the sand paper to the plastic means the paper will not come off when the block is used with water and when rinsing the plastic dust out of the grit after use. Great idea!



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