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Meng F-102 Pittsburgh Markings


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This is a very nice kit that the more I touched the more I !@@#$%^&& up.

Still the Photos came out OK.

I have to say ..Barry comments about this scheme being "best" are B) B)

1960s B/W Photo



Alclad Exhaust


General Photos


Thanks For Looking

Bill :smiley24:

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This model was Very well engineered, Great Fit, Beautiful Surface Detail and well worth the money.

The construction was a piece of cake. I created my own issues on the finish.

Still, Looks OK, Could have been better based on the kit.



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You got lucky Bill! I reviewed this kit and I think the wing to fuselage join was my mistake but the other issues were Mengs. Currently (SLOWLY) working on another one that I plan to give my Dad.,

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