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Bren Carrier, Tamiya 1/48


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I always have liked this Little and versatile vehicle, it was used in all the WWII fronts by many countries.

I usually find Tamiya models very somere and simple, they are great for begginners but they seem a bit toulike to average modellers. Their old 1/35 Bren carrier is one of the worst models in their catalogue, full of simplified and oversized parts, and those vinyl tracks that have nothing to do with the real ones. Unfortunatley, although more tan 30 years have passed since then their recent 1/48 version of the vehicle is not better.

I didn’t want to start a detailing work as the model is so bad that it would be better to start a scratch model from zero, so I made out of the box and just added some resin stowage form a Blackdog set.

I made the model in an hour and painted the base and first lights in five minutes.

After placing the decals I started painting the details and the resin stowage parts.


I used Vallejo primers and acrylic washes for both model and resin parts and then AK special effects paints for the dust and stains.
Splattering many different colours with a brush and a toothstick and then bluring the stains down with White spirit.


I used traslucent color for the oil stains.
And to cover the horrible tracks I used acrylic mud, once dry I rubbed over with dry pigments to imitate the dust.
To finish the job I used a graphite pencil to imitate the polished metal on tracks, steps, edges, etc.


I used a photograph that I found on the net to make the collage with one of the model photos with Photoshop.


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Dang....that's a sweet looking model! In fact, I thought the top picture was a real reference pic, and not a pic of your model! Sorry to hear it's not a truly accurate rendition, but then I build 1/48 armor as a break from aircraft, so accuracy is not a concern for me. Your superb rendition shows how nice a model can be built from it despite its problems. Thanks for sharing!


GIL :smiley16:

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