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Skoda PA II, 1/72 Planet Models


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This is the Skoda vehicle built in 1920s of which only 12 units were produced until it got replaced by the PA III version.


The models is very easy to build with just a few resin parts that have no defects at all. It builds enterely in a few minutes if you use ciano.

I chosen the German scheme for the military police that used all of the captured "turtles" in Czech service after the invasion.

For the painting I used the cenithal light system in 3 steps, first an overall black layer.


Then a very light grey filter form above


Then a blueish grey filter form the sides


After placing the decals I used the Vallejo "washes" to make some stains that I inmediately blurred down with a dry brush


With gloss white paint and some graphite pigment I made the lights, theis "chrome" effect is close enough to a crystal at this scale.





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Outstanding model! Excellent color modulation; that really makes this model come to life. I also love the staining too; I'll have to try that one day. May I suggest checking for the one gun? It appears one broke off some time before the last pics were taken. Thanks for posting this.

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